How Do I Play?

Also known as "How do i throw my ethereum into a pit of fuckery

Hey there! I see you're interested in testing how strong your hands are
Or maybe you're just after those masternodes and the prospects of dooming your friends to an eternity of bagholding inviting them into a profitable arrangement.

First thing's first, let's get you on the same page as everyone else; If you don't have it already you're gonna need Metamask.
Metamask is a kind of browser extension that allows you to set up an ethereum wallet that you can use to interact with Smart-Contracts or dAPPs like this

Click the Cute Fox Download Button

You should now have a little fox icon right next to your URL bar on your browser of choice; click that and follow the instructions to set up a wallet. Make sure you absolutely write down your seed phrase, and maybe even email yourself a copy!
Metamask updates frequently, and as long as you have that sentence of random words you can always get back to your wallet.

Now that you have a wallet set up in metamask, the Smart Contract Exchange should appear correctly! But before you can lose all of your ethereum invest in it you need to add funds to your metamask account

Clicking that little ... icon lets you copy your account address. That address works just like any of the other addresses you've used on exchanges for withdrawals or deposits. Just use this address as a location to withdraw to from anywhere else that you're holding ETH or trading your life savings for ETH on.

This is also a full fledged ethereum address, which can hold not only the ETH you're going to use, but also any ERC20 tokens you get back!

Armed with this knowledge, you are now well equipped to compete with others on the Smart Contract Exchange, Go ahead, have fun; and remember to never invest anything you can't afford to lose.

Unless you're a sadist